WW2 75 Years Anniversary Tour – 2018 (page 3)

This is a special tour to commemorate the World War Two 75th Anniversay of the St. Nazaire, Combined Operations Raid. The tour list gives the full index of all of our battlefield, pilgrimage and war graves tours covering the Second World War. Expanded details are also available in our brochure, contact us for a copy.

Union Jack WORLD WAR 2: St. Nazaire, Combined Operations Raid

21st–25th June
5 Days, 4 Nights

'The Greatest Raid of All' , a tour covering the Combined Operations Raid at St. Nazaire – a very popular tour once again led by Peter Lush from The St. Nazaire Society.

Leaving Birmingham at 08.00am, we travel across to our hotel in rouen, where we spend the first night. We also visit rouen st. Sever cemetery whilst here.

The next day sees us en route to St Nazaire and the scene of one of the most daring combined operations raids in history. Here a small, lightly armed, force took on the might of the German coastal defences and succeeded in ramming HMS Campbeltown, loaded with explosives, into the Normandy dry dock gates, whilst the commandos stormed ashore and destroyed the pumping stations and winding gear, rendering the dock inoperable for the rest of the war.

We will visit the submarine pens and have a guided tour around a submarine. We'll also visit the ECO Museum and walk the ground covered by these brave men with a detailed description of each part of the raid and its objectives. We'll visit the several cemeteries in the area containing the graves of the men who did not return – including the graves of those lost in the sinking of the HM Troopship Lancastria in 1940.

We return via Normandy for a day visiting the British and Canadian landing beaches: Gold, Juno and Sword, Arromanches, and many other places of interest.

The tour includes one night in Rouen, two nights in St Nazaire and one night in Normandy.

Special Visits will be made in Normandy, Rennes and St. Nazaire.

Lock gates

Thank you so much for a most memorable visit to the battlefield it was moving, educational and enjoyable-we learnt so much and now have a better understanding of what was happening.

Christopher, Sandy & Simon

Submarine Pens and Victoria Cross medal