World War 1 Battlefield Tours – 2018 (page 6)

The tour list gives the full index of all of our battlefield, pilgrimage and war graves tours covering the First World War. Expanded details are also available in our brochure, contact us for a copy.

WORLD WAR 1: United States Forces in the Great War

The American success in the south – Marne, Chateau Thierry, Belleau Wood, St. Mihel, Verdun, Argonne and the Hindenburg Line.

28th September – 4th October
7 Days, 6 Nights

The entry of the United States into the Great War in 1917 saw an influx of inexperienced troops making a tremendous impact, but also sustaining enormous casualties. This tour will follow in their footsteps through various battles, seeing their progress as they gained experience. A tour of great interest to both First World War enthusiasts and newcomers.

Starting off in Marne area, we cover the battles around Chateau Thierry, follow the Marines through the battle for Belleau Wood, then travel through to St. Mihel, the Argonne, visit the scenes of action of the ‘Lost Battalion’, cover the actions of ‘Sgt. York’ and finally travel up to the Hindenburg Line to cover the attacks of 1918.

Day 1 – Travel to our hotel in Chateau Thierry.

Day 2 – Visiting Bealleau Wood to cover the first actions of the Marines as they fought their way through in June 1918, eventually routing the German army. We visit memorials and the large American cemetery in Belleau village. Then on to Buzancy area to cover the actions of the 'Big Red One'; before returning to Chateau Thierry, where the stand of the American 3rd Division earned them the name,'Rock of The Marine', to view the magnificent memorial that dominates the town.

Day 3 – We visit the Verdun area, where we stay for three nights. Our first visit is to Fere-En-Tardenois to see where Gen. John (Black Jack) Pershing billeted and worked during the battles, the large American American cemetery, and the crash site of Lt. Quentin Roosevelt (son of President Roosevelt, shot down in 1918 and who now lies alongside his brother, Theodore, in the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach). We then continue our journey through to Souilly to the site of the American HQ during the offensive around the St. Mihel Salient.

Day 4 – We visit the St. Mihel Salient, seeing the trench systems, and following the American 1st and 26th Divisions through the battle; ending at Vigneulles where they eventually closed the pincer movement around the German army. We'll visit excellent panoramic views of the battlefield at Mont Sec, see the Poilu-Doughboy Memorial at Thiaucourt and get a opportunity to walk through the Tranchee du Soif to experience the feeling of the trenches.

Day 5 – We travel north of Verdun on the Argonne Forest battlefields and cover actions, trench systems, dug outs, fortifications and the Crown Prince's bunker. We follow the route of the 'Lost Battalion', and visit the village of Chatel Chehery to see the memorial to Sgt. York. We also visit sites around Varennes where George S. Paton and Harry Truman, who were later to rise to greater heights, fought as young officers. We'll also visit the magnificent Pennsylvania State Memorial, the American Memorial at Mont Fauucon and the Meuse Argonne American Cemetery.

Day 6 – Departing from Verdun we travel north and visit the area around the Hindenburg Line defenses to the west of St. Quentin, cover the action at 'The Knoll', the American Cemetery at Bony and the American Memorial erected on the Hindenburg Line. We will overnight at Cambrai.

Day 7 – Before heading home on our final day we head for Belgium, where we visit Veirstraat to view the American Memorial to the 27th and 30th Divisions, before taking a break in the beautiful town of Ypres.

Lost Battalion

WW1 trenches

Exceeded expectations, information superb, could not be bettered, cannot wait to return.

Marian Baldwin

Vaucois, fences

WW1 trench

Superb organisation and all carried out with thoughtfulness and kindness.

Elizabeth & Anthony Chaston, Enfield