Forthcoming Anniversaries

Now into the second decade of the 21st Century it's incredible to think that it's the 100th Anniversary of several important battles of the Great War. We've put together a number of dedicated tours to incorporate the important 100th Anniversaries in 2018, as follows (for the full list of 2018 tours see here, and for the full list of current tours follow this link):

World War 1 100th Anniversary Tours in 2018:
21st–23rd March 2018
Operation Michael, German Spring Offensive
6th–9th April 2018
4th Ypres
3rd–6th July 2018
Battle of Le Hamel
7th–10th August 2018
Advance to Victory
9th–12th November 2018
Armistice in Ypres
9th–12th November 2018
Armistice on the Somme
Due to a great demand we are taking registrations for these tours now. Do not be disappointed!