WWI 100 Years Anniversary Tours – 2018

This year we are again running a number of special tours to commemorate World War I 100th Anniversaries, the full list of these is available here. The tour list gives the full index of all of our battlefield, pilgrimage and war graves tours covering the First World War. Expanded details are also available in our brochure, contact us for a copy.

Union Jack WORLD WAR 1: Operation Michael, The German Spring Offensive

20th–23rd March
4 Days, 3 Nights

A special 100th Anniversary Tour covering Operation Michael, the German Spring Offensive.


Day 1 – The tour departs from Birmingham and then makes its way to France and to the overnight hotel.

Day 2 – The next day our tour will start at the famous action at Manchester Hill and the tremendous rear guard action of Lt. Col Elstob who was awarded a posthumous VC for this action. We will follow the advance of the German Army towards Amiens in the southern sector, covering the various canal crossings, scenes of action through the Santerre Plain all the way through to Villers Bretonneux on the outskirts of Amiens. Individual action will be covered and fully explained en route and there will be opportunities to make Special Visits at the various locations and cemeteries en route.

Day 3 – Today we will cover the actions to the north as we held the line, in the area of Arras. We will also visit the Conference Room in Doullens where HAIG issued the Special Order of the Day which became known as the "Backs to the Wall Address"; we will also visit the town of Montreuil where he had his HQ.

Day 4 – Our final day will be dedicated to covering actions of relatives of our travellers, with various Special Visits, prior to the ferry back to UK.

Vimy Monument.jpg

The tour itself was much much more than I anticipated.

Julie Mullan, Victoria, Australia